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Do I have to agree?

When you first download, install and launch CoupleUp you’ll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions as well as allow the app to use your location information.

Where is my account?

The app creates an “empty” account for you automatically, no username or password is required. A screen name or alias is required. Enter your chosen screen name which must be unique and click “update.”

How do I find people?

Once you create your screen name or alias and update your profile for the first time by hitting “update,” navigate to the “main menu” screen and click on “find partners.”  This screen will display other users by distance, closest to farthest. Use the search feature if you’re looking for something specific.

I don’t want to give too much information…

We recommend you touch the main menu button and navigate to “My Profile” and fill in as much information for your profile as you can so other users can browse your profile and see information about you. Touch the “Create Profile” button in top right corner of the “My Profile” screen. To edit your profile fields, touch the profile field you wish to edit.

Enter information and touch “back”. Do this for all the profile fields you wish to complete, then touch the “Update” button to update your profile in the system. It’s very important to “update” the profile otherwise your information will not be saved. For the “Description” field, touch “description” field, on the next screen, touch the blank area to prompt the keyboard to appear, type in any information you wish to share with other users.

How do I add my picture?

To add a picture touch the “Add or Edit Photo” field, choose how you want to add a photo, touch the photo and you’ll see a message “uploading.” Wait for photo to completely upload, then touch “Update.” Your photo will be uploaded to the system and your profile.

How do I make a default image?

To set an image as your default or main profile image, go to “my profile,” select the image you wish to be the default, touch the button labeled “main.” This will make that image the view on the “Find Partners” screen and be the first image other users see.

I made a profile, I don’t know how to change it?

Once you create and update your profile for the first time the “create profile” button will change to “edit”. You can edit your profile as often and any time you wish. Just make sure to touch “update” after changing any profile information.

Why can’t I upload more than 2 photos?

Free app users are limited to 2 photos, Plus users can upload 10. Other features available to Plus users is the ability to record and listen to voice messages. You’ll also be able to send private, larger size photos to users via the chat screen.

Where are other users?

To find people you’re interested in, touch the “Find Partners” screen from the main menu. This screen displays users in order of closest to farthest. Free users can view up to 100 profiles, Plus users can view unlimited profiles.

When you see someone who is close by and you may be interested in, touch their profile and you can view their full profile information as well as photos. On the users profile screen scroll down to see full information. Touch the “Description” field to see a full description of what that user is looking for. Touch each thumbnail photo to view the photo. If user has more than 5 photos, touch the left or right arrows in the thumbnail row to see additional photos.

How do I make “Friends”?

If you want to add that user to your “Friends” list, touch “Friends”, the user will have to accept your request. Once they do you’ll be able to follow that user in the “News” section of the app located in the top left corner of the “Main Menu” screen. When a user updates their profile you’ll be able to see that in the “News” screen. This works similar to a Facebook friends option.

If you want to add a user to your “Favorites” list, simply touch the “Favorites” button on that users profile. This adds them to your “Favorites” list available from the main menu. Users do not have to approve being added to favorites. It’s simply a list of people you may be interested in.

Can I chat?

If you want to chat with that user simply touch the “Chat” button. You can send a message to that user whether they are online or offline. The system will send that user a notification that you sent them a message. If they are interested in chatting with you they will launch the app or join you on the chat screen to talk.

Chat messages are limited to 140 characters, similar to Twitter. Plus users have the ability to add a photo in the chat screen. This photo is larger and can be a private photo viewable only by you if you wish to send a more revealing photo.

Is there a way to chat with more than one person at a time?

If you want to chat with multiple people, you can track chats and move in and out of chat  screens via the main menu and “Recent Chats” icon. This will allow you to chat with more than  one person as well as move around the app without losing that chat connection. Incoming chats show as notifications in a small red circle on the “Recent Chats” icon as well as in the  notifications icon. Number of chats is indicated.

I want a closer distance. Can I change it?

The “Settings” icon on the main menu allows you to set your preference for notifications and distance settings. We will be adding more options as the app develops.

Can’t I sign in with my Facebook account?

The “FB Connect” button allows a user to sync their information with their Facebook profile. Click on the “FB Connect” button and it will launch a browser window and ask you to accept this request. Once done, you’ll have to hit the “Sync your profile” selection to complete the process. You can over write any of the imported information at any time from the “My Profile” screen.